image of the singer Cole Porter with text reading: 'The Top 50 Things Mr. Cole Porter Totally Thinks You Are, You Lovely Thing You: 1. The top. 2. The Coliseum. 3. The Louvre Museum. 4. A melody from a symphony by Strauss. 5. A Bendel bonnet. 6. A Shakespeare sonnet. 7. Mickey Mouse. 8. The Nile. 9. The Tower of Pisa. 10. The smile on the Mona Lisa. 11. Mahatma Gandhi. 12. Napoleon Brandy. 13. The purple light of a summer night in Spain. 14. The National Gallery. 15. Garbo's salary. 16. Cellophane. 17. Sublime. 18. Turkey dinner. 19. The time of a Derby winner. 20. An arrow collar. 21. A Coolidge dollar. 22. The nimble tread of the feet of Fred Astaire. 23. An O'Neill drama. 24. Whistler's mama. 25. Camembert. 26. A rose. 27. Inferno's Dante. 28. The nose on the great Durante. 29. A dance in Bali. 30. A hot tamale. 31. An angel. 32. Divine. 33. A Boticelli. 34. Keats. 35. Shelley. 36. Ovaltine. 37. A boom. 38. The dam at Boulder. 39. The moon over Mae West's shoulder. 40. Definitely not the nominee of the GOP. 41. A Waldorf salad. 42. A Berlin ballad. 43. The boats that glide on the sleepy Zuider Zee. 44. An old Dutch master. 45. Lady Astor. 46. Broccoli. 47. Romance. 48. The steppes of Russia. 49. The pants on a Roxy usher. 50. The top.'

[Previous FYI: Rick Astley; Eddie Murphy; The Eurythmics; Eddie Rabbit; Sinéad O'Connor; Was (Not Was); Bon Jovi; Kenny Rogers; Bobby McFerrin; Starship; Dead or Alive; Right Said Fred; Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians; Salt n Pepa; Nelson; The Cure; The Soup Dragons; Europe/BushCo; Elton John; Eddie Money; Human League; Glenn Frey; Van Halen; Alanis Morissette; Depeche Mode; The Beatles; The Proclaimers; Bruce Springsteen; Meat Loaf; Cyndi Lauper. Hint: They're better if you click 'em!]

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