Tom Hardy and a Puppy Visit Hawaii

image of actor Tom Hardy and a grey pit bull puppy licking its nose, standing on a Hawaiian beach with a rainbow arcing across the sky above them

"Tom," said the puppy, licking its nose, "can I ask you something?" And Tom said, "Of course you can." And the puppy asked, "Do you ever feel like you don't fit in?" And Tom said, "Sometimes I do. I think everyone feels that way at least sometimes, puppy." And the puppy sighed with relief and said, "Good. I mean, not good that everyone feels that way, but that I'm not alone." And Tom said, "No, you're not alone." And the puppy said, "Tom? Do you think it's strange that I take comfort from the fact that everyone feels that way, at least some of the time?" And Tom said, "No, puppy. I don't think that's strange. It's one of the most curious but also one of the most beautiful parts of existence that we can find a sense of community in a shared sense of alienation. The trick, I think, is finding people and puppies who share your island, you know?" And the puppy said, "Yeah. I'm glad you're on my island, Tom." And Tom said, "I'm glad you're on my island, too, puppy."

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