Spring has been more than a little reluctant this year. We've not had a string of beautiful days, and the temperatures keep creeping up, only to drop back down again. But the other night, Iain called me out to the front porch to point out the tiniest wee baby bunny, who was sitting just beyond the bushes along the front side of the porch, munching contentedly on the grass. Zie's so small, zie would easily fit in the palm of a hand.

This morning, the baby bunny was out again, and had been joined by a sibling.

image of two tiny brown baby bunnies, eating grass beside a green bush
Can you spot them?

They were very disinterested in the baby carrot I provided for them. They did, however, give a glance of passing interest to the baby squirrel who came darting across the lawn, pausing to consider running up a tree, but bounding off beneath my car instead. It's fun under there! Apparently. I always have to pause for a moment after starting, to make sure any lazy squirrels have time to make their exits.

image of a tiny red-tailed squirrel near a tree trunk
Can you spot hir wee fuzzy red tail?

The emergence of the babies means spring has finally sprung.

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