"Most people really do want to work."

[Content Note: Disablism.]

This is a pretty good article about some of the reasons that disability claims are rising in the US, which is increasingly being cited by assholes as evidence of layabouts gaming the system.

I do, however, wish this idea had been fleshed out a bit:
The economic downturn in 2008 and early 2009 is thought to be the major reason for the jump in disability payments to people who were formerly working.

"With every recession, we see a rise in the number of applicants," said Andrew Houtenville, an economics professor at the University of New Hampshire's Institute on Disability. "People are looking for options in terms of income support."

During the 2001 recession, disability claims from those who used to have a steady job shot up 13%, said Barry Lundquist, president of the Council for Disability Awareness, an insurance-industry funded organization. The growth in claims slowed during the subsequent boom years, but then skyrocketed during the most recent recession. In 2009, claims jumped 21%.

Lundquist said it is simplistic to characterize the jump in claims as people simply looking to substitute disability payments for unemployment.

"Most people really do want to work," said Lundquist.

But for some, it's really just not an option.
And it's "really just not an option" for reasons that are out of the control of people with disabilities. Lots of people who qualify for disability never take it as long as they can find a job that accommodates their disability. During a recession, with fewer jobs available, it's harder to find any job at all, no less one that provides necessary accommodations and accessibility for a person with a disability (which is to say nothing of PWDs facing the extra hurdle during hiring because of the need for those accommodations and accessibility).

Sure, there might be job openings, but if you can't stand on your feet all day, then the job openings in retail and foodservice don't do you a lick of good.

I recommended this on Monday in the blogaround, but I'mma recommend it again: Lance Mannion's "Disability."

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