Today in Transphobia

[Content Note: Transphobia.]

Last weekend, Saturday Night Live aired another grossly transphobic piece, in which the idea of a woman with a penis was the entire punchline:

[Video Description: Video of a rom-com trailer parody in which show host Justin Timberlake and cast member Nasim Pedrad star as a couple who have fallen in love in a typical New York romantic comedy formula, but serving in place of the typical manufactured issue keeping them apart, before the happy ending, is the fact that Pedad's character has a penis. The name of the fake movie is: She's Got a Dick.]

The curious thing about this digital sketch is that there's the discernible shape of an actual progressive story there. Pedrad's character is not misgendered, and Timberlake's character is neither freaked out nor a trans* fetishist—he loves her just as she is. Literally, the entire joke is that women with penises exist.

Ha ha?

I know, I know—it's SNL. What do I expect? More, that's what.

teaspoon icon If you would like to contact SNL and tell them you expect more and don't find transphobia funny, tweet at them @nbcsnl or contact them here.

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