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So, y'all know how I love The Golden Girls, right? Well, via HyperVocal, a reminder of why The Golden Girls was (and remains) awesome. This clip, featuring Sophia talking to Blanche about her brother's commitment ceremony, is 22 years old:

Blanche [Rue McClanahan] is sitting at the kitchen table, with her head in her hand when Sophia [Estelle Getty] walks into the room.

Sophia: Blanche, I've been thinking about Clayton and Doug, and I have a question.

Blanche: What?

Sophia: Why do men have nipples? [laughter]

Blanche: I have no idea.

Sophia: You think it's because god has a sense of humor and isn't as uptight as the rest of us? [laughter; she sits down at the table]

Blanche: It's easier for you to say that, Sophia. It's not your brother who's getting married to another man. Oh, look—I can accept the fact that he's gay, but why does he have to slip a ring on this guy's finger so the whole world will know?!

Sophia: Why did you marry George?

Blanche: We loved each other! We wanted to make a lifetime commitment, wanted everybody to know.

Sophia: That's what Doug and Clayton want, too. Everyone wants someone to grow old with, and shouldn't everyone have that chance?

Blanche: Ah! [she stands up and reaches out her hand to Sophia] Sophia, I think I see what you're getting at.

Sophia: I don't think you do. Blanche, will you marry me? [laughter]

Blanche: Thank you, Sophia. I need to go talk to them.

Sophia: Fine—but I'll need an answer! I'm not gonna wait for you forever! [laughter]
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[NB: Not everyone wants someone with whom to grow old.]

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