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Deeky is preparing his keynote address for the Butt Convention at the Stethoscope Institute, so you're stuck with me today...

[Content Note: Bombs; consent to agency; racism.]

Senator Rand Paul is "seriously" considering running for president in 2016. *practices typing something something Rand Paul*

In totally unrelated news, Senator Rand Paul praises horrendous Supreme Court decision and would let employers ruthlessly exploit workers. He seems like a cool guy, right? Such a cool guy. I wonder where he stands on whether people are entitled to food.

The pope election begins next Tuesday! Vote early and often or whatever! Huh? We don't get a vote? Oh. Well, the Catholic Church should have no influence on policy that affects my life! Seems fair.

A very scary climate change graph just got even scarier.

So did a chart tracking the gender wage gap.

Senator Elizabeth Warren thinks it's fundamentally wrong that banks who launder money for drug cartels get fined while drug users go to jail.

A TSA inspector with fake bomb in his pants "was able to get past security at Newark airport last month, passing through the magnetometer and a pat-down without being detained." Swell.

Idaho's "fetal pain" bill that bans abortion after 20 weeks has been struck down as unconstitutional by a federal judge.

Adam Carolla is still a racist garbage nightmare.

Dolphins may call each other by names. Neat! But where do dolphins stand on name-changing?

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