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Deeky is delivering his keynote address at the Butt Convention at the Stethoscope Institute, so you're stuck with me today...

[Content Note: Domestic violence, homophobia, gun violence; self-harm/murder.]

As previously discussed here at Shakesville, Sir Patrick Stewart is an outspoken advocate against domestic violence. (Also as previously noted, his advocacy in particular is Very Meaningful at Shakes Manor, for Reasons.) Anyway: Stewart has issued a call to action inviting men to participate in ending violence against women.

It looks like Ashley Judd is definitely going to run for US Senate against Mitch McConnell. Neat!

James Franco says he's been dumped from ad campaigns for producing gay-themed films. That is some real homophobic bullshit, right there. Also: I saw The Great and Powerful Oz this weekend, and that load of misogynistic hooey is an actual reason to get angry. Unlike gay-positive film.

The host of the Sportsman Channel's A Rifleman’s Journal was shot and killed by the jealous husband of a female coworker. At the link, Annie-Rose sagely observes: "The episode is a tragic reminder that even responsible gun owners can find themselves at the mercy of an [intemperate] gunman, and that National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre's claim that, 'the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun' doesn't always hold up."

One of the suspects in the recently widely-publicized India gang rape case was found dead in jail cell this morning. Police say it was a suicide; the man's family say it was murder.

North Korea has declared that the armistice agreement which ended the Korean War in 1953 is invalid. Uh-oh! That does not sound good.

Great news for all you DumbandDumberHeads out there: Jim Carrey is ON BOARD for the sequel! Presumably until he's not on board again.

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