[Spoiler Warning: Details of recent episodes of Elementary are revealed in this post.]

So, Ana Mardoll and I pretty much talk nonstop about our love for Elementary, CBS' new Sherlock Holmes series starring Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Watson. I mean, we could talk about this show FOREVER, and we will, in this thread right here, all by ourselves, unless you join us. So join us!

I am still super-loving this show, and the recent episode in which Holmes finally invited Watson to be his partner was one of my favorite episodes of television ever. ALL THE BLUBS!

I also loved Vinnie Jones (VINNIE JONES!) as Moriarty's minion. WHO IS GOING TO PLAY MORIARTY?! I hope it's a lady! In fact, I hope it's Thandie Newton, who would be such a perfect kickass nemesis for Holmes and I can't get out of my head that she would be the perfect Moriarty! I mean, Irene is already dead in this series, so Holmes has no female rival who is his equal. Make it so, Elementary!

If Moriarty has to be a dude, I would find Damien Lewis an acceptable selection. For the record.

And are we ever going to see Sherlock's dad? Or Mycroft? WHO ARE GOING TO PLAY SHERLOCK'S DAD AND BROTHER?! Obviously, Malcolm McDowell and Colin Firth, right? Obviously.

Anyway. Two more things I love:

1. I love that as Holmes and Watson get more in sync with one another, they increasingly wear the same colors and/or similar patterns. That is a very subtle but very brilliant commentary on the progression of their partnership!

screen caps of Holmes & Watson dressed in similar colors/patterns

2. I love that Holmes never says, "Elementary, my dear Watson." That will be the last line of the season, right? Right.


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