The Oscars Open Thread

image of Meryl Streep presenting Daniel Day-Lewis with his Oscar
Daniel Day-Lewis drank everyone's milkshake. Again.

Welp, Seth MacFarlane did precisely as contemptible a job hosting the Oscars as I imagined he would, opening the show with a domestic violence joke, a song about seeing actresses' boobs in movies, and a gay joke. That's the point at which I started fast-forwarding through any appearance of his face onscreen. And then I fell asleep just before Quentin Tarantino won for writing, which was awesome. The falling asleep, I mean, not his winning. And I woke up just in time to see Ang Lee win for directing, which was well-deserved: Life of Pi was definitely one of my favorite films of the year.

Other things: Adele was great. Daniel Day-Lewis is very charming. Michelle Obama! The end.

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