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Deeky is off today, so you're stuck with me again.

[Content Note: Injury; violence; guns.]

A meteor strike has injured hundreds of people in Russia. Luckily, most of the injuries are minor and it appears that no one was killed. But HOLY SHIT!

The LAPD says they have positively identified the remains in a burned cabin as the body of Christopher Dorner, accused of killing four people.

Chicago Mayor and grand triangulator Rahm Emanuel is reportedly "toying with" a 2016 presidential run. No thank you!

Two fifth-grade boys were planning to kill a female classmate with a semi-automatic gun because she was "rude and annoying." Fortunately, another classmate reported their plan to a school employee. America!

Julian Assange has filed paperwork to run for office in Australia, because of course he has.

John McCain is still a jackass.

Indiana school district will not discipline a vile homophobic teacher. Ugh, this state sometimes. I swear.

To the fainting couch: Republicans are in bed with corporations. I mean, this is a big deal, even though it's totally unsurprising.

And check out Caffrey the Amazing Cat who gets around on two legs because he is made of awesome!

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