Friday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by dice.

Recommended Reading:

Chloe: Pistorius Granted Bail [Content Note: Violence.]

Seth: A Week's Worth of Troubling Immigration Revelations

Naima: "We" Only Do "Diversity" When We Want To: Atheist Silence & the Day of Solidarity for Black Non-believers

Celeste: Detroit Can't Recover Economically with Lead-Poisoned Children

Jess: Practical Feminism with Fatemeh Fakhraie

Jamelle: Extremist Republicans Don't Want to be Attacked for Extremism: Perhaps They Should Try Not-Extremism?

Rebecca: Nielsen Changes Its Definition of "TV Watching" to Reflect How People Actually Watch TV

Echidne: A Simple Proposal: Have Elections on Weekends

Andy: Ann Coulter Tells Roomful of Booing Students that Gays Can Marry—'a Person of the Opposite Sex'

Angry Asian Man: File Under Badass: 101-Year-Old Marathon Runner Races for Women's Rights

Living ~400lbs: Who Cares What Ina Garten Weighs?

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