An Observation

I am still watching (and still loving) Elementary, and last week's episode was particularly good, with Watson (Lucy Liu) actually calling out Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) on his misogyny, using the actual word misogyny. SO GREAT.

Which is especially cool since it's a hugely popular show, and CBS really believes in it, choosing an episode of Elementary to air directly after the Superbowl.

Anyway. I enjoy watching the show (though it not perfect), and, besides that, I find the show's success extremely validating, given the number of times I have argued that remakes of beloved, classic material can work with characters other than the straight white males with which they have typically been written, only to be shouted down with caterwauling about CANON!

The next time someone gives me guff about suggesting that, say, Rosario Dawson would be my choice for an Indiana Jones reboot, I will have only two words for them in reply: Lucy Liu.

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