So Who Wants to Talk About the Exciting Fiscal Cliff Deal?!

No one?! Ha ha ME NEITHER!

Just kidding. Obviously we all want to talk about it SO MUCH because it is very exciting. Almost TOO exciting. Try to control yourselves while talking about the fiscal cliff deal, everyone.

Basically, in case you haven't been paying attention—not that anyone would give anything less than their full attention to the machinations of a bullshit deal struck between a bunch of pitiful concessionists and a bunch of sneering obstructionists over a made-up problem—a garbage deal was struck, and passed by the Senate, then the House was all, "We'll see about THAT."

So it was a real nail-biter, as usual, while the biggest dipshits in the US Congress weighed their opportunities for assholery. But late last night, the House also approved the deal.

Welcome to 2013!

Anyway. Here are some links!

Suzy Khimm: Everything You Need to Know About the Fiscal Cliff Deal.

Steve Benen: The Fiscal Deal: A Tale of the Tape.

Jos: Congress Actually Does Their Job and Passes the Fiscal Cliff Deal, But That Doesn't Mean It's a Win.

Paul Krugman: Conceder in Chief and Perspective on the Deal.

Michael Cohen: Fiscal Cliff Reveals How Dysfunctional Republican Nihilism Makes US Politics.

Igor Volsky: GOP Congressmen Suggest Republican Senators Who Voted for 'Fiscal Cliff' Compromise Were Drunk.


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