Mods Get to See the Darnedest Things

In response to my having asked someone to move on after leaving a bunch of comments advocating a view of violence that was not especially conducive to a safe space, as it was embedded with victim-blaming, came this thoughtful retort:
Fine. Then ban me.

You don't get it, and you don't want to discuss. Be as bossy as you want, you have all the power here.

Sorry my understanding is so deviant that it causes you all distress merely to explore it.
I actually would not have banned this person, if my request to move on had been respected, but, since zie asked, I happily obliged.

But a tedious discussion of moderation decisions is obviously not why I posted this comment for everyone to appreciate. I mean, hello:
Be as bossy as you want, you have all the power here.
That? Is amazing.

And I really want to thank this generous commenter for giving us the title for our long-awaited and highly-anticipated by no one debut album.

image of a photoshopped album cover featuring a picture of me flipping the bird in front of a brick wall which has graffitied onto it: 'BOSSY as i wanna be -- M2 and the Mod Squad'

Not coming to record stores near you ever.

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