Just No

I am still, days after Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony, reading garbage about how she "got away with" something, and also about how she cried when recounting the human loss of the attack. Crocodile tears, etc. All the usual variations on how every time Hillary Clinton sheds a tear it is to evade accountability by "evoking sympathy."

Just No: There is not a woman in America who is laboring under the enormous misapprehension that crying evokes sympathy. Even our most intimate partners are taught to be suspicious of our tears, to regard them as mere markers of our intent to manipulate. We know quite well that crying evokes contempt, especially from those disinclined from extending us sympathy irrespective of our expression of its need.

If you believe that Hillary Clinton is a sentient woman, no less the savvy sort of politician who would counterfeit emotion if she calculated it would win her support, then trust me when I tell you she does not cry to evoke sympathy.

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