Downton Abbey Open Thread

image of Shirley MacClaine's arrival as Cora's American mother to Downton Abbey

Hello, gorgeous!

So, Downton Abbey finally had its Season 3 premiere in the US last night, after what seemed like an interminable wait! A wait during which it has been impossible to avoid some heinous spoilers when one reads the news for a living HARRUMPH! But a wait that was worth it, as Season 3's two-hour premiere delivered in fine fashion, in every sense of the phrase. Those dropped-waist dresses! Those opera-length chains! Those glorious fascinators! Swoon.

Everything has changed, but everything has stayed the same at Downton. Lord Crawley is still an earnest dunderhead. His title should be changed immediately from the Earl of Grantham to the Earl of Whooooooops. Lady Cora Crowley is still perfect because she takes all the valium. Lady Mary Crowley is still mercurial, in ways that suit writers' whims but not human nature, but we're not supposed to notice because women amirite? Matthew is still Matthew. And Bates is still in jail. The end.

That leaves out fully one million characters, but I invite you to Mad Lib all the rest of the characters as your time allows.

image of a Downton Abbey Mad Lib I created in Photoshop that has the Dowager Countess exclaiming to Lady Sybil that Matthew should get a wiggle on her ladyship with a penny-farthing

Anyway! Here is a thread to talk about all things Downton Abbey, but only through the first episode of Season 3. Please don't share things from later in the season, even with a spoiler warning, because I've got to mod the thread, which requires reading everything. So be kind, if you're elsewhere in the world where the whole season has already aired.

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