Daily Dose of Cute

When we got home from the feed store yesterday, each of the dogs got a dried pig's ear. Dudley immediately ate his in its entirety, of course, and then this happened:

Zelda the Black-and-Tan Mutt lies on the living room floor chewing on her pig's ear; Dudley the Greyhound stands in the kitchen doorway, staring at her
"Hey, how come Zelda has something I don't have?"

Zelda lies on the floor chewing contentedly; Dudley sits above on the chaise staring down at her
*Jedi mind tricks to make Zelda give up her chewy treat*

Zelda lies on the floor chewing contentedly; Dudley sits above on the chaise looking at me desperately

Zelda on the floor; Dudley now hovering directly over her, staring at her
"Hey, Zelda. Are you done with that? Are you done yet? Can I have some? Are you done?"

It was at this point I told Dudley to leave Zelda in peace. Not because she was remotely bothered, but because his passive-aggressive hovering was irritating me, lol. He went and laid on the couch like a good boy, but not before giving me one last pitiful look.

Zelda on the floor; Dudley standing next to me giving me a pitiful look
"How could you? OH THE HUMANITY."

(As always, note Livs photobombing the last photo. She is the master.)

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