Petraeus and Benghazi Stuff

I am not even doing a news round-up today on Petraeus, because the news, such as it is, is getting increasingly silly, misogynist, and policey.

I am also not going to write about John McCain and Lindsey Graham, those shameless old shitbirds, attacking Susan Rice on the Benghazi attacks in Libya. There may be legitimate criticisms to be made about the administration's handling of Benghazi, but it's virtually impossible to extricate them from the amount of mud conservatives are splattering all over anything in sight, hoping some will stick.

These two stories are an indication of the ugliness to come during President Obama's second term. It will just be an incessant cacophony of hyperbolic caterwauling from conservatives, which will not only serve to obstruct the President's agenda, but also serve to distract from valid criticisms of that agenda.

I am trying to imagine Bill Clinton's second term in the age of the internet, and I am suddenly overcome with involuntarily shudders of grim dread.

Anyway. Talk about L'Affaire Petraeus and Benghazi here, or media coverage of either/both, or whatever. Or don't. Whatever makes you happy. Life is short.

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