Like a Horse and Carriage

So, when one of us has seen something funny or great on YouTube during the day that we want to show the other, or when Flula has a new video, or whatever, Iain and I will watch it together on our television via our AppleTV. It's run through my account, so Iain has parked a bunch of shit there that he likes, in case he wants to show it to me, or Kenny Blogginz, or some other poor unsuspecting guest.

Like, for example, "A Romantic Tribute to Grand Admiral Thrawn."

Which is pretty much the least embarrassing thing that Iain has parked on my account.

Occasionally I will (re)discover these things, and I will laugh and laugh and laugh. And also feel slightly mortified that someone might imagine I have favorited them.

Please enjoy this favorite of Mr. McEwan's.

Video Description: A "Star Trek Fartershop Quartet," which is simply, per its own description, "four members of Star Trek, farting in the Transporter Room."

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