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[Content note: racism, war, violence]

Assume Deer Dead:

Hey, finally, here is Romney's vision for America including his five point (☆) plan! If you thought it might be vague you were right! (Summation: points one-through-five: Romney will make everything better! (Neat!)) But he's definitely going to change the tax code. Good luck, America, you're gonna need it!

Mr. Burns endorses Mitt Romney obviously.

This is a really great map: (LOLOLOLOL!!! LOLOLOL!!) is projecting a Romney landslide of McGovernian proportions next Tuesday. I don't think these guys like Nate Silver very much.

But! This website (it's just a really great website, by the way) says there is no way Romney can win. From your HTML to God's earbuds! So, instead of voting, everyone should pray for a Romney victory. Good plan! I endorse this idea! If you were going to vote for Mitt, don't bother, just stay home and pray.

Here are some really great interviews with Romney supporters in Ohio. Cameo by: Meat Load! (Typo and it stays.) These aren't low-information voters, they're wrong-information voters. Scary!

Related: The right wing (who've been trying to make hay of this for the last couple months) will definitely be unhappy to hear that the CIA saved countless lives in a secret mission to defend the Benghazi embassy.

The December issue of Vanity Fair will feature a previously unpublished six-page story by Truman Capote titled Yachts and Things. Merry fucking Krampus to me!

Speaking of: Need a Krampus sweater? Probably.

Juvenile justice they call it: Conditions in Ohio juvenile detention facilities remain unconstitutional and in violation of a federal court order.

Are you wondering what George W. Bush was up to this week? I know you were wondering. He was speaking at a closed-door investment conference in the Caymen Islands of course.

This weekend you should go down to your local Red Box and rent Theodore Rex.

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