Hardy Boy

Here Are 8 Photos of a Very Scruffy Tom Hardy. You're welcome.

I may have mentioned I am a fancier of Tom Hardy. One night, Iain and Kenny Blogginz and I decided to watch Bronson, which is a biopic of one of Britain's most notoriously violent criminals, starring Tom Hardy in the titular role. I'll just note that the gentlemen were interested in watching the movie for different reasons than I was.

The thing about Bronson is that Tom Hardy is naked in it. A lot. By which I mean he is naked for much of the film, and also that he is very naked. And, while very naked, he does a lot of dramatic physical fighting, with lots of body parts stretched and splayed and exposed and flopping around.

Neither Iain nor KBlogz are the kind of straight dudes who squirm at the sight of another man naked. It was, however, A LOT of nudity. We commented on it. Great observations like: "This is A LOT of nudity."

At the end of the film, I observed, "Welp. I've seen Tom Hardy's taint now." Iain laughed. A big belly laugh. I said, "For real, though. I saw body parts on him that I'm not sure I've ever seen on you after ten years of marriage."

Iain laughed for a hundred years.

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