Texting! With Liss and Deeky!

[Content Note: Humorous reference to violence.]

Liss: I love your new Gangnam Style tattoo.

image of a tattoo of Gangnam Style singer Psy on someone's calf

Deeks: Buy a machete and chop my leg off, please.

Liss: I hope you're not implying your leg has been sullied by your beautiful new and totally not regrettable Gangnam Style tattoo.

Deeks: That is exactly what I am implying!

Liss: Maybe you want me to cut it off to preserve it forever in a vat of formaldehyde? That would make sense!


Liss: But I think you should enjoy it a little first.

Deeks: Yes. It should be in a museum.

Liss: The Smithsonian, probably.

Deeks: Just knowing I was one of the first 100 dildobrainz to get a Gangnam Style tattoo is enough.

Liss: You're a hero.

Deeks: The best thing is by January no one is going to know what that tattoo is supposed to be.

Liss: I know lol. It's like having a tattoo of the dipshits who sang Macarena. Or Lou Bega. The good news is that it goes great with your Right Said Fred tattoo.

Deeks: "Who is that tattoo supposed to be—Eddie Murphy?" "How dare you! It's Bobby McFerrin!"

Liss: "Don't you know a goddamn Calloway tat when you see one?! I GUESS YOU DON'T WANNA BE RICH!"

Deeks: LOLOLOL! Good lord, I forgot all about that guy!

Liss: Well, that's exactly why I got a tattoo of him. TO IMMORTALIZE HIM. Never forget!


Liss: My Calloway tattoo is right next to my Eifel 65 scarification.

Deeks: I don't even know what Eifel 65 is.

Liss: Oh yes you do!

Video Description: A terrible one-hit wonder by the group Eifel 65.

Deeks: I hate you.

Liss: Btw, I can never remember Bon Iver's name, so I just called them Blee Bloingo in a conversation with Kenny Blogginz.

Deeks: Close enough.

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