Random Nerd Nostalgia: Great Costumes! Very Stealthy!


[Image description: Nightwing, Deathstroke, and Jericho are featured splashed across the cover of Tales of the New Teen Titans. Nightwing is a white man wearing a blue, black, and gold costume with a mask and a ginormous collar. Deathstroke is male-bodied and completely covered in his orange, black, and blue costume. He wields a gun, holds a staff, has a weapons belt, and is wearing boots that rival the size of Rhode Island. Jericho is a white man with curly blonde hair, wearing a white puffy shirt, a plumb-colored vest, bright purple boots, bright blue tights and cape, and gold trim. The story title is "The Judas Contract:There Shall Come a Titan."]

Let me be clear: these are all characters I actually like, and I looooved reading this story when it first came out. Nightwing's emergence from the Robin identity was a great storyline. Deathstroke is one of my favorite villains ever, especially as a "grey" figure who is sympathetic, and sometimes allies with the good guys (I even collected his independent title). And Jericho was a compelling figure with a great backstory, and one of the rare super-powered PWD who showed up in the pages of pre-Crisis DC comics.

But c'mon. Deathstroke the stealthy assassin in his bright orange moon boots? Nightwing, the guardian of the shadows, in his swoopy electric blue collar? Jericho, mild- mannered and unprepossessing, wearing castoffs from the "Safety Dance" video? These are not stealthy. As in, not even a little bit stealthy.

Ah, the 1980s. I guess you really had to be there.

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