Daily Dose of Cute

Zelda the Black-and-Tan Mutt sits in a pile of dry leaves, grinning up at me
Rake? Who needs a rake when you've got a waggy tail!

Dudley the Greyhound lies in the garden, grinning
Greyhound Gardens.

image of Zelly and Dudley; Zelly is standing and wagging her tail and Dudley is sitting and looking up at me with a grin

Every morning, the alarm goes off, and Iain gets out of bed, and Zelda gets in. Sometimes, she's already in the bed, curled up on my feet, waiting to commando crawl through piles of comforters into the warm spot that Iain has left. She cuddles in next to me, and she finds my hand and nudges it gently, ever so gently, with her muzzle until it is palm up. And then she lays her head in it, waiting for me to pet her velvety wee ears.

Once I stir, Dudley hops to his feet, and he comes over and rubs his long body along the side of the mattress beside me, snorting and tossing his head, like some kind of horse-cat. I roll over to face him, and he nudges my face with his, and I pretend to nom nom nom his impossibly long snout. He stretches in a dramatic bow and wags his tail, thumping it against the dresser, and we both grin.

I sit on the edge of the bed, and it is the last moment of the day I will have without pain. Dudley stands beside me, tucking his nose into the crook of my arm, and Zelly sits beside me, leaning against me and resting her head on my shoulder. And then I stand up, and they leap around with excitement, because IT'S A DAY! WE'RE HAVING A DAY! AND WE ARE ALL TOGETHER! AND ISN'T THAT GRAND?!

Every morning, I wake up to these two lovely beasties and their guileless, joyful expressions of love, which I endeavor to return with abundance. Every morning, I try to remember that this is how I should try to live the rest of my day—accepting love where it is offered, and giving back as good as I get.

* * *

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

Today, the Shelter Pet Project posted on their Facebook page: "Fact: People are three times more likely to adopt a pet if they know someone who already has! Will you promise to mention your adopted pet to at least one person this weekend?" Okay!

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