I'm Back

Hi, everyone. I'm back from Washington and the WSCADV conference, which was awesome and about which I'll write more later. Today's probably going to be a slow day, as I catch up on email and what's happening in the world, while I've been largely disconnected from the internetz.

In the meantime, here are some pictures.

image of misty mountains outside Seattle

Western Washington is...

image of the desert outside Yakima

...very different from Eastern Washington.

image of dusty mountaintop in the desert

Eastern Washington looks like Tatooine. I told Misty I kept expecting to drive past Uncle Owen's moisture farm.

image of sign reading 'Welcome to Yakima, the Palm Springs of Washington!'

Did you know that Yakima is the Palm Springs of Washington? Well, now you do!

street sign reading 'Epic' under which someone has spray-painted 'fail'.

We saw this sign near our hotel and stopped to take a picture of it just on our way out of town. When I hopped out to take a picture, some guy was screaming at someone across the street, and got it in his head that I was taking a picture of them. He started walked toward me, screaming angrily, "Are you taking a picture of us?! Why are you taking pictures of us?!" Blah blah.

Normally, I might have been intimidated, but I'd just come from a conference about domestic violence, and listened to Emily May of Hollaback! speak right after me about an hour earlier, and I was all full of piss and vinegar, so I shouted back. "I'm taking a picture of a sign, not you." He kept coming, yelling at me. Then I just got annoyed. "There is a sign here that says EPIC FAIL," I said. "That's what I was taking a picture of. Come look at it, if you don't believe me." I got my camera ready to take a picture of him for real if he got any closer.

He retreated. Win.

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