Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Religious supremacy; homophobia; anti-single parent bullshit.]

"I believe that people of faith by and large have a great interest in the institution of family and that a family is a great place to learn leadership skills. I'm sure I benefited by having a Mom and Dad, both of whom were actively involved in the community and in various enterprises."—Republican presidential candidate and world-class jerk Mitt Romney, in response to a question about why he thinks Mormonism produces such a disproportionate number of political and business leaders. (Which, for the record, is a stupid question.)

What I like, ahem, about his response is how he manages to take a passive-aggressive swipe at same-sex and single parents, while also denigrating atheists as anti-family. COOL. Cool candidate, Republicans.

Not for nothing, Mr. Romney, but a lot of female people who grow up in "families of faith" are explicitly taught not to be leaders. Not that they are part of this conversation, or any conservation you have, ever.

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