Daily Dose of Cute

Sophie on the Stairs:

Sophie the Torbie Cat lying on her side on the stairs, staring into space dreamily
I still can't stop thinking about Tony. Wondering where he could be, who he is with, what is he thinking, is he thinking of me, and whether he'll ever return someday...

Sophie lying on her back in the same place, paws in the air
I totally want a treat. I wonder if Two-Legs will give me a treat.

Sophie lying on her back in the same place, looking at me upside-down
"O hai! I was just wondering if I could have a treat, plz?"

Sophie lying in the same spot, with one paw up and curled in a way that it looks like she's giving me the finger
"Look, I'll even do my 'FUCK YOU CHICK-FIL-A!' finger trick for it! TA-DAAAA!"

For the record, that is not Photoshopped, lol. Also for the record: Sophie hates the fuck out of Chick-Fil-A.

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