Because I Know How Much Liss Loves a Good Jesus on a Tortilla Story

[Click to glorify embiggen.]

Here's a true story: A mysterious angel delivers tacos to Ernesto Garza's table at a local restaurant and as he's about to kill a fly he notices that Jesus has put His face on one of his tortillas, in a sort of reverse transubstantiation type thing. Newspapers are notified. Pictures are taken. An entertainment reporter quips "The Lord works in mysterious, and sometimes delicious, ways." Deeky gives an entertainment reporter a dismissive look.

Speaking of dismissive, when I first looked at the burnt area of the tortilla, I thought it was an image of a bulldog, but then realized I was looking at the wrong part of the burn. I hate when that happens. Anyway, I think the face looks more like Charles Manson or maybe Roland Orzabal than Jesus. I hate when that happens.

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