Today in Rape Culture

[Content Note: Rape culture; rape joke.]

Below, via Eclectablog, a snapshot of the top of the box of Domino Pizza's new "Artisan Pizzas."

image of top of pizza box with big red letters reading: 'No is the new yes.'
Turns out that the Ann Arbor-based company [currently owned by Bain Capital and founded by conservative Tom Monaghan, founder of the far-right Thomas More Law Center and other Catholic organizations aimed at legislating and promoting his religious views] rolled out this new marketing campaign in April of this year. The idea behind it is that they have found some topping combinations that are so perfect that they won't allow customers to screw them up by altering them. In other words, if customers ask to customize the toppings on these "Artisan Pizzas", they will be told "no".
There is absolutely no way that the company can reasonably argue they didn't understand the nonconsent implications of this phrase. Truly reprehensible.

teaspoon icon Contact Domino's and ask them why they are upholding the rape culture to sell pizzas.

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