Today in Mitt Romney Stands in Front of Something

image of Mitt Romney at a campaign event standing in front of a giant sign reading: 'Obama's Upside-Down Economy'
Obviously, this is just a terrific picture of Mitt Romney doing normal campaign stuff, like giving a thumbs-up while standing in front of a giant sign that features the President's name and the word ECONOMY in superhuge type. I am definitely getting the impression that Mitt Romney approves of the economy as it is being managed under President Obama, which is I'M PRETTY SURE the message he totes wants to send.

The other possibility is that he DOES NOT LIKE the way the economy is being managed under President Obama, which would, I confess, explain the upside-down part. In which case: I AGREE! The economy IS very upside-down, in that very rich people with gold-plated moon mansions like Mitt Romney pay no taxes while self-employed entrepreneurs sometimes pay an almost 50% tax rate! BOOOOO! Boo that terrible economy and BOO MITT ROMNEY! WHERE ARE HIS TAX RETURNS, ANYWAY?!

What I'm saying is that Mitt Romney is a master of messaging. You should totally vote for him lulz.

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