Some Observations

[Content Note: Rape culture.]

From Twitter:

Monica @shutupmonica: When you say "it would be funny if this woman was raped" you mean "it would be funny if someone DECIDED to rape her."

Monica @shutupmonica: Statistically, someone in that room is likely to be a rapist. Statistically, you just gave a rapist your blessing.

Brian @red3blog: When comics tell rape jokes, some are laughing cuz they actually do think its funny to rape someone. Where are the comics upset abt that?

Brian @red3blog: Comics have all this outrage over ppl who don't get that their rape jokes are just jokes, EXCEPT for the actual rapists laughing along.

Me @shakestweetz: @red3blog Who are easy to not think about because of rape culture narratives about how rare rape is and how rapists are identifiably creepy.

Me @shakestweetz: Dude who raped me (& other women) has been to comedy shows. He looks just like everyone else in the audience. And he laughs @ rape jokes.

Me @shakestweetz: In fact, he loves them! Dude who raped me cannot get enough rape jokes! HE THINKS THEY ARE SO GREAT!

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