Random Nerd Nostalgia: It's a Complete Game SYSTEM


[Image description: A white-skinned, gender indeterminate elf on a horse with no back legs, a white dude(?)/dudess(?)/ duderin@(?)in a swoopy long purple cape with a super-high collar, and a bearded white dude in a hooded green cloak with his hand sticking out of his cloak holding a bag, walk down a cobblestone street in what may be the freakiest advertising art ever. Two squares are the covers of Dungeons and Dragons books. At the bottom, five kids are sitting around a table; four of them are definitely white, one (a girl with long dark hair in braids) is hard to determine from the ad. There are 2 girls and three boys, possibly waiting for the Rapture but more likely swept up in the ecstasy of gaming. Big text says "THE ADVENTURE IS YOURS with DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS FANTASY ADVENTURE GAMES!" Smaller text:D&D basic set opens your world to adventure... D&D expert set gets you involved! our D&D game is the world's most talked-about role-playing adventure. And with good reason. It's a complete game SYSTEM." [ed--SYSTEM, people!] "In fact, our basic game sets the pace for the additional excitement and character development you'll find in our Expert Set. So if you think our Basic set in great, GET INVOLVED...capture even more adventure in our expert system." There are addresses to write for a free catalogue in the US and the UK.]

Observation 1: Gee, remember when advertising didn't automatically assume that all gamers are men or boys?

Observation 2: I remember that the freaky elf on the 2-legged horse squicked me right out when I first saw this ad.

Observation 3: Yep. This is what we did before World of Warcraft. The graphics aren't much, but the system requirements are super easy to meet.

(Scanned from Superman Special 1983.)

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