Quote of the Day

"Why would they do anything differently? The people who caused the crisis are all still in charge. And they've learned that any time they're losing money the free money bazooka will be aimed at them. Moral hazard is just for people whose $10 extra in food stamps might lead them to continue living the life of luxurious funemployment. They're going to keep playing the game as they've been playing it. It's working for them."—Atrios.

He's talking about the fuckos who caused the economic meltdown, of course. It's a complementary observation to what I noted in my previous post about how deregulation and union-busting has eradicated any incentive for corporations to create jobs that don't literally exploit people to death.

Both parties seem to think, to varying degrees, that things are just going to spontaneously get better. Why would anything change when there is no incentive for corporations to change?

Spoiler Alert: It won't.

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