Friday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by historians and plesiosaurs.

Recommended Reading:

Jason: Obama, Romney, and Rick Warren's Religious Test [Content note: this piece discusses Christian supremacy and religious discrimination]

Livius: Lost Silent Film with All-Native American Cast Found [Content note: This post refers to systemic racism against First Nations people.]

Renee: Brandy Should Know It's OK To Judge Chris Brown [Content note: this post addresses intra-racial violence, misogyny and DV apologia.]

Samuel: Monday 20 July 1663

Sue: A Mother of a Post on Mothers and Daughters and Superhero Comics [Content note: This post includes discussion of misogynistic tropes.]

Randy: An Answer for Alzheimer's?

Sarah: The Talbot Shrewsbury Book Goes Online

Monica: Transgender People Are Patriots Too [Content note: This post refers to anti-trans* harassment.]

Rebecca: Japanese Women Fly Coach while Men Get Business Class [Content note: this post describes gender-based discrimination.]

Peter: Eyewitness Account of Plesiosaurus

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