Daily Dose of Cute

So, the thing about Olivia is that she is the beggingest thing in all of Beggarton. We literally cannot eat anything without her getting up in our grill and trying to steal food right off our plates and out of our hands. She once grabbed a whole taco off my plate and ran down the hall with it, its contents spewing out in a trail of tasty destruction behind her.

She doesn't have worms. She doesn't suffer from lack of food. It's not like she never gets yummy treats. (Every time I open a can of tuna, all five furry residents come barreling into the kitchen, mewing and whining for their share of tuna water!) She is just completely food-obsessed, which makes her the most obnoxious beggar in the house by a country mile.

We also cannot leave any glass of water, tea, or especially coffee unattended, because she will have her paws in it instantly. And she's so tall that she can peer right over a table while she's standing on her back legs, staring at us and reaching her paws out for our food.

Here is a typical scene as Iain tries to eat his breakfast—oatmeal and coffee—yesterday morning (pictures posted with Iain's permission):

image of Olivia standing beside Iain, who's sitting at the end of the chaise, eating his breakfast
"Hey! Hey, Two-Legs! Can I have some of that?"

image of Olivia standing next to the chaise on her tiptoes, trying to peer into Iain's bowl
"Can I lick that bowl? Please? Save some for me!"

image of Olivia standing in front of the table on her hind legs, looking at Iain's food
"Just one sip of coffee! I promise!"

image of Olivia sitting beside Iain
"I'll just sit here and wait 'til you're done. Are you done yet?"

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