Zimmerman Lied Because We Made Him

[Content Note: Violence; racism.]

As I mentioned last Friday, George Zimmerman's bond was revoked after it was discovered he had lied about having a second passport and failed to disclose the $200,000 raised via his website.

Yesterday, his legal team was back in court, arguing "that Zimmerman should be allowed to post a new bond because 'in all other regards, Mr. Zimmerman has been forthright and cooperative.' The statement also suggests that part of the blame for Zimmerman's misstatements rests on the many activists who worked to ensure that Zimmerman's guilt or innocence would be evaluated by a court of law."
The audio recordings of Mr. Zimmerman's phone conversations while in jail make it clear that Mr. Zimmerman knew a significant sum had been raised by his original fundraising website. We feel the failure to disclose these funds was caused by fear, mistrust, and confusion. The gravity of this mistake has been distinctly illustrated, and Mr. Zimmerman understands that this mistake has undermined his credibility, which he will have to work to repair.

At the point of the bond hearing, Mr. Zimmerman had been driven from his home and neighborhood, could not go to work, his wife could not go back to a finish her nursing degree, his mother and father had been driven from their home, and he had been thrust into the national spotlight as a racist murderer by factions acting with their own agendas. None of those allegations have been supported by the discovery released to date, yet the hatred continues.
Protip: If you don't want to be "thrust into the national spotlight as a racist murderer" by people who have the agenda of seeking justice for victims of racist murderers, then don't murder black teenagers in cold fucking blood.

Ugh, this guy. Ugh.

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