Today in Mitt Romney Stands in Front of Something

image of Mitt Romney talking on the phone on his lavish campaign bus, to which I have added a dialogue bubble reading: 'Mm-hmm...Mm-hmm...Sure, but I said I wanted my campaign bus to be SUPER shiny, and it's shiny, but is it super shiny?'

Do you think the Romney campaign refers to Mitt Romney's posh campaign bus as The Romnibus? "HOPUS POTUS is boarding The Romnibus. HOPUS POTUS has landed on The Romnibus. The Romnibus is rolling." Serious faces. Earpieces. Black suits.

I haven't yet seen an exterior shot of The Romnibus, but I bet it's covered in diamonds with gold rims. I bet it has its own elevator at the moon mansion, lined with the souls of unicorns.

Speaking of Mitt Romney and all his money, he is not only very personally rich, but he is also King of the SuperPACs. Once again, US Supreme Court, I'd like to congratulate you on ruining America.

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