[Content Note: Body policing.]

On the cover of the always-reputable Globe tabloid, by Shaker Carleigh, who sent me this photo:

image of Hillary Clinton wearing glasses next to text reading: 'Hillary Clinton DIVORCE MELTDOWN!' followed by two bulletpoints: '*No makeup *Refuses to shave her legs'.
[Full cover of issue can be viewed here.]

I'm not sure if this cover is trying to imply that Clinton has stopped wearing make-up and shaving her legs because she's "melting down" from an impending divorce, or that there is an impending divorce because Clinton is "melting down" and has stopped wearing make-up and shaving her legs. I really wish the Globe would be more clear in the absurd fantasy headlines its editors pull out of their asses!

It's interesting (no it's not) how Hillary Clinton is routinely attacked for being a feminist, and then simultaneously attacked for (allegedly) failing to conform to the Beauty Standard, as well as routinely attacked for having stayed with her husband after an infidelity, and then simultaneously attacked on the basis that they're getting divorced.

You know, if I didn't know better BECAUSE POST-FEMINIST AMERICA FOR REALZ, I would think that women who live public lives can't fucking win.

And one again, I wish I could meet Hillary Clinton just to say thank you for existing.

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