Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Racism; misogyny; eliminationism; slavery.]

"When Romney (or anyone) says something about getting back to an America 'that the founders envisioned,' I cringe. If you are going to say such a thing, you need to concretely explain what you mean. I guess Romney means that the founders envisioned a smaller government but, like I mentioned before, who does he mean and to what exactly is he referring? And if we do agree that the founders wanted small, limited government we have to acknowledge that they saw that as a possibility because they believed that there would always be enough land to go around to white men (part of the need to exterminate/remove Native people), that women would always be dependent and never part of the citizenry, that farms would be the primary space of residence, and that the economy would depend on exploited labor stolen from black people."—Jessica Luther, aka scATX, in "Hollow Words and Dog Whistles," which you should definitely read in its entirety.

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