Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Sexual violence; rape apologia.]

"In recent weeks, we've learned of several incidents involving a few bad actors trying to take advantage of some of our younger members."—Skout founder and CEO Christian Wiklund, whose "Flirt, Friend, Chat" iPhone app was used by three different men "accused of raping minors they met after posing as teens in Skout's community for 13- to 17-year-olds. The alleged victims are 12, 13 and 15 years old."

"Trying to take advantage" is certainly an interesting euphemism for rape. And by "interesting," I mean gross and minimizing.

Wiklund is not responsible for rapists committing rape. The rapists are responsible for their actions. But if Wiklund truly gives a shit about his service being used by rapists to locate victims, then he needs to not talk about rape in prettified euphemisms.

"In recent weeks, we've learned of several incidents in which adult men posed as children to meet other children whom they subsequently allegedly raped."

That is factual. That does not minimize sexual violence. That does not uphold the rape culture, even as one purports to disdain it.

Unlike, say, Wiklund's actual comment.

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