Number of the Day

One: How many fewer houses Mitt Romney has than John Kerry, according to Mitt Romney.

Video Description: Mitt Romney, in a split-screen interview on Fox News with Neil Cavuto laughs and says, "Well, I was asked today how many homes I had, and I said, 'Well, I have one less than John Kerry.' Didn't seem to bother the Democrats when they had him." Cavuto and Romney laugh.

* * *

I'm not sure how many houses John Kerry had when he was running (or how many he has now, for that matter), or how that compares to the number of houses Mitt Romney has. I do know for sure that John Kerry does not own a gold-plated moon mansion. I cannot say the same for Mitt Romney.

But it's a moot point: Those homes were not purchased by millions John Kerry made as a corporate raider; they were purchased by the inherited wealth of his wife Teresa Heinz. There's no equivalence.

So, yes, Mitt Romney: Democrats weren't bothered that John Kerry had X number of homes when he was the Democratic nominee, because Democrats don't disappear women and their autonomy to make stupid, mendacious points.

[H/T to @BuzzFeedAndrew.]

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