Mitch Daniels Will Ruin Everything, Eventually

In which I substitute an email conversation with Aphra_Behn (with her permission) for an actual post...

Aphra: Did you see this piece of news about Mitch Daniels? "Mitch Daniels Likely to Be Next President of Purdue." Barrrrrrrrf. The Boilermakers have my condolences.

Liss: I have. A bunch of people have sent it to me, but I don't know what to say about it. "Now that he's ruined the state, he's on to the state university system!" LOL. Daniels' fiefdoms of ruination keep getting smaller and smaller. First it was the White House, then the Indiana Statehouse, now Purdue... I expect him to show up on my doorstep with a plan to personally destroy my life any day now.

Aphra: Worst. Life coach. Ever!!!! But I am sure he will make a grrrrreat university president! He's a combative asshole with no PhD, no academic experience, no interest in deep, complicated thinking, and a profound contempt for students and teachers. Perfect!

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