"Judge Not" Is So Gay

[Content Note: Homophobia.]

Jonathan Zeng, a music teacher, was offered a job at a Christian school in Cincinnati only to have the offer rescinded when he answered a question that tipped off his new employers that he might be gay.
In a letter to the school board's trustees, Zeng wrote that he was called back to answer some questions after he noted on his application that he believes "in Christ's unconditional love and that we as Christ's followers are to show that love to all without judgment.

Apparently it was his response that "prompted [school administrator David Thompson] to ask if I was a homosexual."

When Zeng asked Thompson why his private sexuality would present a problem for the school, the administrator cited proximity to children and "the sanctity of marriage" as factors in the academy's policy not to hire homosexuals.
So believing in "Christ's unconditional love" and being non-judgmental is as gay as pink shoes.  Sheesh.

Mr. Zeng is hoping the school will reconsider, but why the hell would you want to work for douchebags like that?

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