Random Nerd Nostalgia

It's 1981. You're reading your favorite comic book. (Let's say it's Wonder Woman No. 282, series 1, purely for the sake of argument, of course.)

Then you turn the page, glance at an advertisement, and.... without warning you become aware your life is not complete because OMG what is THIS awesome thing? SOMETHING YOU MUST PLAY. A strange force compels you! YOU MUST PLAY THIS GAME, which is clearly constructed of 100% awesome:

DnD advertisement with thief, wizard and fighter

[Image description: a cartoon advertising a "Dungeons & Dragons (R)" Adventure! Narrative: "VALERIUS the fighter, GRIMSLADE the magic user and INDEL the elf find a secret door in the ruins of ZENOPUS castle...INDEL uses Infravision to peek down the secret passageway." Valerius: See anything? Grimslade: THE PASSAGE IS EMPTY Indel: I'll go on ahead. It may be boobytrapped. Narr: "The adventurers proceed cautiously through narrow, twisting corridors. They come to a corner and..." Indel:: Look! A Shadow! (Image of a garbage mound looking thing with the noises SQUISH! SLOSH!) Grimslade: What do you see, Indel? Valerius: Quick! A Torch! Narr:" They hear sloshing noises, smell rotting vegetation; they see a shambling mound." Grimslade: Maybe a hold monster charm will save us! Valerius: WE NEED A CHARM, QUICKLY! (Image of shadow on wall) Grimslade: (speaks in squiggly lines). The monsters is ZAPped via a tiny lightning bolt. Indel (hiding behind Grimslade): WHEW! Narr: "The light cast by the wizard's charm reveals a shiny green-colored substance on the castle walls." Valerius: GREEN SLIME! Grimslade: Don't touch it! It is certain death! Indel: LOOK OUT! IT'S DRIPPING!" Information follows for writing to TSR Hobbies and getting a catalog.]

Congratulations. You have found your quest. Gain 50 XP.

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