Random Nerd Nostalgia: Superman is a Commie


[Description: Title: "Superman Says: Hop on the Welfare Wagon!" A panel of two white men in hats talking outside a hospital. Man 1:"Say Mr. Stanton, I hear Superman's going to speak for our hospital fund drive." Mr. Stanton:"Bah! Who needs a hospital? I can take care of myself. I'm not giving a red cent, Superman or no Superman!" From off-panel: "Did I hear my name mentioned?" Panel 2 shows Superman swooping down, or maybe "SUPE-ing" in, on a startled-looking Mr. Stanton. Supes:"I think you have the wrong slant, Mr. Stanton--and you're liable to give other the wrong one too." Panel 3 of Supes looking serious. Supes:"Since the days of the earliest settlers, Americans have helped each other when sickness and trouble came. (Aphra's note: Apparently the history logs in the Fortress of Solitude don't cover the pre-Columbian period, so whooooops your history, Supey!) Today we help, through taxes and contributions, to support health and welfare services in our communities, so that anyone, rich or poor, can have them available at any time." Panel 4: Supe's disembodied head floats over a picture of a white male physician and white female nurse attending to a white male patient. Super-head:"A Hospital offers people the advantages of modern science, through its doctors, nurses, and other trained experts..." Panel 5 of a silhouetted male figure in a laboratory, with off-panel Superman still narrating. Invisible Supes: "Health department laboratories provide tests to aid in diagnosis.If it's a contagious disease, specialists will go into action to prevent it spreading to other families..." Panel 6: A white nurse holding a white baby, talking to a white woman with three children standing near her. Invisible Supes: "Many communities have visiting nurse services in time of need, and family service agencies and other social workers are available when problems arise..." Panel 7:Superman looking serious-but-smiley. Or smirking? It's hard to tell. Supes:" All these public and private agencies help to protect the welfare of your community--and that means your welfare too!" Message at bottom: THIS PAGE IS PUBLISHED AS A PUBLIC SERVICE IN COOPERATION WITH LEADING NATIONAL SOCIAL WELFARE AND YOUTH-SERVING ORGANIZATIONS."]

Brought to you by the 1950s, and that dirty, dirty Red, President Eisenhower.

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