Daily Dose of Cute

I've written before about how all five furry residents of Shakes Manor want to be wherever we are at all times. Below is a video from a recent Saturday, while Iain was out mowing the lawn, and I was doing a little work in the living room.

Video Description: Dudley is standing beside the couch, staring off into space. "Dudley," I say, and click my tongue at him. He looks at me. "What are you up to? Are you being a good boy?" His ears twitch. I pan to the left, where Sophie is sitting on the arm of the couch right beside me. "What about you, Sophie?" I click at her. "Sophs!" I say in the Sophie voice. I pan back to the right. Dudley looks at me. "Hi, Dudz." Back to Sophs, and the Sophie voice. "Sophs! What are you up to, huh?" Click click. I pan to the right past Dudley, where Matilda is sitting between my feet. "What about you, Matilda? Huh?" Click click. She meows at me. "Yeah?" I pan even further right, where Olivia is sitting on the back of the couch next to my shoulder. "What about you, Livsies?" I make kissy noises at her. "Are you being good, Livs?" I pan back to the left, where Zelda is sitting on the loveseat. "How about you, Zels? Zellzebelle! My Zelly Belly." Dudley walks into frame and starts to climb up on the couch beside me to the right. "Aww, Dudley's gonna join us on the couch. Go on, sit down, monster." He curls himself up in between the pillows. "Oh, what a good boy!" I pan around: Zelda, Matilda, Zelda, Dudley, Olivia, Sophie, Matilda. A bunch of sleepy beasts. The End.

For those who love and request images of inter-species cuddling, here are a few recent snaps for you...

image of Zelda, Matilda, and Dudley all stretched out in a row on the sofa
Don't mind me; I'll just sit on the floor.

Matilda on the arm of the couch, snuggling up next to Dudley
Matilda and Dudley.

Zelda and Olivia curled up close to one another
Zelda and Olivia.

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