Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by total exhaustion.

Recommended Reading:

One of the things I regretfully missed, and missed promoting, during this technological morass the past few days was Images in the River: Black Girls Dialogue, the live panel discussion on teaching feminism to black girls. Thankfully, the panel discussion can still be viewed here. Enjoy!

Jessica: The Trans-Vaginal Ultrasounds You Didn't Hear About: Ignoring Anti-Choice Extremism in Texas

Samhita: Tucker Max's Planned Parenthood Publicity Stunt [Content Note: The post at this link includes discussion of misogyny and the exploitation of female-centered spaces.]

Fannie: Woman Dunks, Some Can't Handle It [Content Note: The post at this link includes discussion of gender policing and misogyny.]

Brian: On Fatshion and the Privilege of Buying Clothes [Content Note: The post at this link discusses fat prejudice in mass marketed fashion.]

Adrienne: Harvard "Lampoon Indians" vs. Harlem Globetrotters [Content Note: The post at this link includes discussion of racism.]

Andy: In Letter, 72 House Lawmakers Urge Obama to Sign Executive Order Protecting LGBT People in the Workplace

Living ~400lbs: Americans Are Fatter Than They Think! [Content Note: The post at this link discusses fat hatred.]

Some Trayvon Martin-related recommended reading [content note for violence and racism for all posts in this section]:

Aurin: Trayvon Martin and Walking While Black

Chanel: Trayvon Martin and Prison Abolition

Democracy Now!: "Trayvon Martin Was Ours"–Author Alice Walker on How Killing Is Symptom of Unaddressed Racism

And, in case you missed it, here is my updates post from earlier this week.

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