Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker shedelurks: What was the last thing you (really) laughed at?

I laugh all the time, because all my friends are hilarious and I am a great audience. I laugh at everything, with my big ridiculous horse laugh.

But one day last week, Spudsy and I were having one of our almost-daily marathon phone calls, and now I can't even remember what we were talking about although I'm sure it was something completely stupid and probably about butts, but both of us were literally crying with laughter, which is not unusual for one of our calls, but this one was just endless gales of convulsive laughter. Honestly, even just remembering it, I'm choking back a guffaw and my eyes are tearing up. And I can't even recall what it was about!

The two of us are so cascadingly silly together. Once, when we were visiting Deeky, we drove past this shitty-looking casino, and we spent the next hour and a half singing the most terrible jingles for the casino we could think of. "The Whatever Casino: Our carpets are filthy!" "The Whatever Casino: Hey, look—there's your Uncle Ken!" "The Whatever Casino: We cleaned the toilets last year!" On and on and on, until we were weeping, and could barely squeak out the next line of utter garbage.

Spudsy can make me laugh like no one else. With a single raised eyebrow, he can turn me into a helpless specimen of structurally unsound mirth, liable to fall on the floor in fit of gigglesnorts.

And I love it.

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