Daily Dose of Cute

So, one of the things that I've tried to record a couple of times, with no luck, is the dogs BURSTING out the back door into the garden like they were in a race. They do it every time I let them out, even though 99% of the time, they're whining to come back inside in three minutes or less.

Now, the thing about our house is that we walk through the garage to go out the back door into the garden. We have another back door off the kitchen, but it leads out to a covered deck with another latched door, so going through the garage is easier.

Anyway! One day I was trying to record the DOGGEH YARD SPRINT!!1!eleventy! but instead managed to capture a moment of abject panic when it turned out Iain had accidentally left the garage door open when he left for work and the dogs were heading for the open driveway. Scary business when you've got a sighthound who can be gone instantly if a critter catches his eye. And when you're a clumsy dishit who fell and dropped the leash and had your greyhound rescued by a kind stranger from the middle of the road half a mile away the second day you had him. Ahem.

Everyone was fine, as the dogs immediately turned around when I called them. And because everyone was fine, the recording, which of course I immediately forgot I was making in my instantaneous terror, is fucking hilarious. "Nonononononono!" LOL!

Video Description: Zelda and Dudley wait inside the kitchen door to go out. "Do you need to go out, puppies?" I ask. I open the door to the garage and, as they run out, I realize the garage door is up. I gasp. "No! Nonononononono! Nonononononono! Here! This way, this way! Puppies, this way! Come on!" I open the door to the backyard and make kissy noises. "Come on." They go running past me out into the backyard. "Oh my god," I whisper.


* * *

Below, all five furry residents of Shakes Manor, in descending age order...

image of Matilda the Cat with her head poking out beneath the railing in the loft

image of Olivia the Cat standing on the back of the chaise with her front paws on the railing in the loft

image of Sophie the Cat sitting on the stairs behind the railing

image of Dudley the Greyhound lying long and lean across the living room rug

image of Zelda the Cattle Dog Mix lying on the living room rug with a toy, looking very stoic

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